Foundation Arabic Class

Subject:  Foundation Arabic
Instructor:  Imam Iftikhar Daad al-Azhari
Course Format: 1 day a week - Tuesday 8:30pm - 9:30pm ( Isleworth )
1 day a week - Friday 7:30pm - 9:30pm ( Neasden )
1 day a week - Sunday 11:00pm - 12:30pm ( Harrow )
Duration:  21 weeks
Starts On:  Sunday, 6th September 2015 ( Harrow )
Friday, 18th September 2015 ( Neasden )
Tuesday, 22nd September 2015 ( Isleworth )
Fee: £150.00
Age: 18 + (males & females)
Capacity: Limited (based on First come first serve)
Status of Registration:  Open
Venue: Isleworth - Hounslow Conservative Club (HCC), Gresham Rd, Isleworth TW3 4BX
Neasden - 11 Selsdon Road, Neasden NW2 7NG
Harrow - Harrow Central Mosque, 34 Station Rd, Harrow HA1 2SQ

About the Course

In recent years Arabic language has become high in demand and very popular amongst Muslims and the non-Muslims. In essence people have developed a passion to learn the language so that they can understand the Glorious Qur’an and the classical texts of Islam. In the past people travelled to different Arab lands to learn the language, but now due to the change of lifestyle people prefer to study the language locally taught by UK based scholars who have undergone rigorous religious training abroad in the Arabic language and the Islamic sciences in the traditional method from the traditional scholars of Islam.

London Muslim Academy is delighted to cater for the needs and demands of the people and has decided to run this groundbreaking foundation course which is a stepping stone to take the students to the next level

This course is ideal for anyone who is an absolute beginner with no previous exposure to the language and has never learnt Arabic before.

Why is learning Arabic imperative in your pursuit for sacred knowledge?

Aside from the obvious fact of the Glorious Qur’an itself being in Arabic, the reference and great pioneering works of every Islamic discipline are written in Arabic also. It is therefore impossible to master any of the Islamic disciplines without a strong grounding in the Arabic language itself.

Weekly Time Commitment

The required weekly time commitment can vary greatly depending on the students learning ability. However students can expect to dedicate up to an hour daily to keep up with the proposed programme, revise the lessons and take notes.

Course Format

In addition to the live classes there will be handouts that will come with each class from verb tables, vocabulary, translating and analyzing Arabic sentences and exercises of the lessons taught.

Extra help can be given to students either at the beginning or the end of each class should they require it.


Week 1

  • Mapping the Arabic language
  • Introducing Arabic words

Week 2

  • The Past Tense Verb
  • Masculine and Feminine Words

Week 3

  • The Present Tense Verbs in the State of Rafa’
  • Singular, Dual and Plural

Week 4

  • The Present Tense Verb in the State of Nasab
  • The Proper and Common Nouns

Week 5

  • The Present Tense Verb in the State of Jazam
  • The Personnel Pronoun

Week 6

  • The Emphatic
  • The Demonstrative Pronoun

Week 7

  • The Command
  • The Relative Pronoun

Week 8

  • The Prohibition
  • The Declinable and the Indeclinable

Week 9

  • The Active Participle
  • The Declension of the Declinable Noun

Week 10

  • The Passive Participle
  • The Declinable Without Tanween

Week 11

  • The Noun of Time and Place
  • The Nominal Sentence

Week 12

  • The Noun of Usage
  • The Abrogative of Sentences
  • The Particles Which are Similar to a Verb

Week 13

  • The Superlative Noun
  • The ‘Laa’ Denier of the Whole Genus

Week 14

  • The Noun of Exaggeration
  • The Incomplete Verbs

Week 15

  • The Noun Similar to Adjective
  • The Particles Similar to ‘Laysa’

Week 16

  • The Six Scales of the Simple Trilateral Verb
  • The Verbs of Proximity

Week 17

  • The Increased Trilateral Verb
  • The Verbs of the Intransitive

Week 18

  • The Simple Quad-Lateral Verb
  • The Verbs of Praise and Dispraise

Week 19

  • The Increased Quad-Lateral Verb
  • The Verbs of Wonder
  • The Verbal Nouns

Week 20

  • Revison

Week 21

  • Revison

What will I achieve at the end of the course?

Insha Allah at the end of this course the student will begin to read, write, translate and understand basic Arabic. This will put the student in a strong position to have a firm grip of the basics of the language and prepare them to move onto the next level, the intermediate level of the Arabic programme.