Du’a is a spiritual part of a person’s life, where ones invokes to Allah the Almighty for Barakah (blessings) for everything one does daily right from the start of the day till the end.

The du’as that will be taught and children will memorise are:

  • Du’a before ablution
  • Du’a when rinsing the mouth
  • Du’a when rinsing the nose
  • Du’a when washing the face
  • Du’a when washing the right arm
  • Du’a when washing the left arm
  • Du’a when wiping the head
  • Du’a when wiping the neck
  • Du’a when washing the right foot
  • Du’a when washing the left foot
  • Du’a after completing ablution
  • Du’a after azaan
  • Du’a when entering a masjid
  • Du’a when leaving a masjid
  • Du’a before going to sleep
  • Du’a after waking up
  • Du’a before entering the toilet
  • Du’a on leaving the toilet
  • Du’a before eating
  • Du’a after eating
  • Du’a after eating when being a guest
  • Du’a when boarding a transport
  • Du’a for fasting
  • Du’a for breaking the fast
  • Du’a for when one becomes angry
  • Du’a for sneezing
  • Du’a for one who sneezed and made a Du’a
  • Du’a from the sneezer
  • Du’a when looking in a mirror  
  • Du’a from the holy Qur’an

In addition to this every child will be taught how to pray and memorise the:

    • daily prayer
    • funeral prayer (adult, boy and girl)
    • ‘Eid prayer
    • Islamic months
    • Arabic alphabet